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Price Transparency 

Our base price to prepare an individual tax return is $375. If you reserve your spot today for 2023 taxes, your new base price will be $250, saving you $125.

This offer will expire soon. 

Your actual tax preparation cost may differ from the base price. If you place a deposit today but no longer wish to move forward, you can request a full refund until 12/31/2023.

Your actual tax preparation cost may differ from the base price. 

Here are some additional reasons why your base price will increase:

Filing with a spouse: $75
State tax return: $75
Business or 1099: $200
Real estate investor: $150 per property
Sold stock/cryptocurrency: $75
Partnerships: $950
S-Corporations: $1,500
C-Corporations: $1,500

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Your deposit is fully refundable up until 12/31/2023

Free Audit Protection 

We make dealing with a tax notice easy and stress-free. If you receive a notice, our team will help for free. This is just one of the many benefits of working with us to file your 2023 personal tax return. So, file with confidence.

We will provide up to $1,000,000 of services to resolve notices, inquiries, and/or audits associated with a member's return.

Secure Client Portal

You will get access to the portal the moment you become a client, and the neat thing about the portal is that you can ask an unlimited number of tax questions, and get a real answer from a real human being. Your days of googling tax questions are over. We got you.